Bridging Solution- and Solid-State Chemistries: Exploring Aqueous Reactivity of Polyoxometalate Ions and Syntheses of Lanthanide Extended Structures

Tuesday, March 05, 2019 12:00 pm
103 Schlundt
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Eric Villa
Creighton University

Polyoxometalate ions are an enormous class of metal-oxide clusters with extensive applications; however, the aqueous solution reaction dynamics of these ions remain underexplored.  We are particularly interested in how the solid-state structure of the polyoxometalate ion influences its solution-state properties, such as stability, protonation and oxygen exchange kinetics.  Here we will discuss the crystal structures and the reaction dynamics of small molybdenum based polyoxometalates in aqueous solution.

Additionally, we are interested in the formation of lanthanide extended structures with simple redox active oxoanions.  By controlling the composition of the starting solutions, we can synthesize new compounds.  Currently we are focusing on the redox active ligand thiosulfate.  Along with exploring the in-situ redox chemistry, the resulting products have the potential to form structures with useful properties, such as non-linear optical and catalytic applications.  Herein, we will discuss the resulting products of these room temperature and hydrothermal syntheses.