Financial Aid
Like most major graduate programs in the field of chemistry, Mizzou Chemistry provides financial support to cover the costs of tuition and living expenses to graduate students in academic good standing for the entire year (including summers) throughout the entire term of their graduate study.  The total annual value of the financial support provided to graduate students can be in excess of $30,000. Most first-year students are supported on graduate teaching assistantships (TA), which are normally guaranteed upon admission to the graduate program (and demonstration of proficiency in written and spoken English).  Beyond the first year, students are typically supported either on research or teaching assistantships. Research assistantships generally are made available by professors who have funding through grants and contracts to support students working on their research projects. These assistantships are generally awarded to second-year or more advanced students, and frees the student from teaching responsibilities and allows full effort to be devoted to research activities.

The University of Missouri is located in Columbia, Missouri.  Columbia is safe, easy to navigate, and the cost-of-living is low.  The city frequently is listed in the top ten best cities to live in the USA.