Lewis P. Silverman

This is an OLD photo of me in my Service Dress Blues
Laboratory Coordinator and Instructor
123D Chemistry

9/95-8/98           Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia, Athens, GA Master of Science, Organic Chemistry: Thesis: Studies of Diterpenoid Alkaloids

9/84-5/89 Department of Chemistry, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA

Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry

9/84-5/89  College of Education, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA

Bachelor of Science, Science Education

Professional Experience: 

06/05 – 6/08      United States Naval Academy               Annapolis, MD

Instructor of General Chemistry 

Taught SC111 and SC112 (a.k.a. “Plebe Chemistry”) and instructed in the laboratory setting

Course Coordinator for two summer school classes.

Developed several new laboratory experiments for rotation into the chemistry course curriculum

Held numerous collateral duties throughout the chemistry department and the division of Mathematics and Science 


1/99 - 7/02 Aerospace Physiologist, U.S. Navy 

Stationed at Aviation Survival Training Center, Norfolk, VA.

Responsible for conducting high-risk naval aviation survival training for all personnel who fly, including water survival training at a facility that trained 2000+ aircrew per year.

Maintained student’s records and managed 20+ sailors and a budget of $50K/year and an inventory of $300K aviation life support equipment


Phil Silverman has maintained an interest in advancing methods to better teach chemistry to college level courses. He has worked to develop courses with a large web based component, he has experimented with web based supplemental instruction, and most recently he worked with a pilot program at the United States Naval Academy using lecture capture software. For some examples of these activities and Phil’s biography/CV, please click on the Group Website link on the right lower side of this page.

Select Publications: 

Silverman, L. Phillip; Barbaro, John, “Illustrating Newman Projections by Using Overhead Transparencies” J. Chem. Educ. 1999 76 630

H.K. Desai, L.P. Silverman, S.W. Pelletier, “Merckonine, a new aconitine-type norditerpenoid alkaloid with a -N=C-19H functionality” Heterocycles 1998 68 1107