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MU Chemistry

Ellen Moore, Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of Chemistry, Arts & Science

What initially attracted you to Mizzou? I fell in love with Mizzou when I visited in 2011 as a prospective graduate student. The campus, community, and the quality of teaching and research were a few of the main reasons I chose Mizzou back then and it’s only gotten better in the last decade.

As a new faculty member, is there anything that you found surprising or unexpected once you got here? The level of support and resources for faculty, particularly the Teaching for Learning Center, technology help desk, and Missouri Online. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. You can just feel the fulfillment and empowerment when you interact with various departments.

Did you attend New Faculty Orientation both days? What did you find most valuable from the workshop? I did – It was great to have the time to connect with other new faculty and departments. I particularly enjoyed the panel discussions from existing faculty. I also now have a really cool self-portrait collage from one of the ice-breakers.

My advice for other new faculty is to venture outside of your department/office/lab when you can. Just from the few days of orientation, I can already tell that I’ve gained lifelong friends and connections.

How are you finding the faculty/staff colleagues in your department so far? It’s like coming home. I took classes and worked closely with many of my now colleagues. It’s been great to be welcomed back by familiar faces.