The graduate program in Chemistry at MU is the oldest and most well-developed of any public institution in the state of Missouri. The first two PhD degrees granted by the department occurred in 1909. Today, we continue a tradition of educating highly competent scientists with the vision, creativity and resourcefulness necessary to meet the ever-changing challenges of their professional environment. The department only admits doctoral students. The PhD degree is awarded based upon a program of course work leading to independent research and completion of a thesis. Therefore, our graduates have the skills to adapt to new challenges, using experience, intellect and imagination to solve problems as they arise. Furthermore, the chemist with an advanced degree takes pride in the profession and is determined to continue intellectual growth and education to maintain professional fitness. As a result, the overwhelming majority of our graduates find productive and fulfilling careers in their fields.

As a prospective graduate student, you can be confident that our faculty is committed to helping you achieve these goals. Graduate work in chemistry is demanding, but the rewards are well worth the time and effort. Our curriculum is designed to bring you a desired level of independence and knowledge, taking into account your specific needs and interests. The specific requirements are listed and describe more fully our program of study.