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What you should know about purchasing from ChemStores:

  • We are currently open for in-person orders and shopping.  Please observe university guidelines regarding masks while shopping.
  • We are here strictly for the departments of the university - we cannot sell to the general public.
  • All purchases require a signed I.D.O. (Interdepartmental Order Form) from your department - we are not a cash-based operation.
  • Most of our solvents are sold in high-purity and bulk grades. If you are purchasing bulk grade, please bring an approved container (or we can sell you one). If you are purchasing high-grade solvents, they are supplied in one-gallon glass jars. Please bring a carrier suitable for secondary containment.
  • You also need to bring your own container for dry ice and liquid nitrogen. We do not supply containers for transporting such items.
  • You may return items for full credit within 30 days of purchase with the following exceptions: no bulk grade chemicals or solvents, high-purity solvents/chemicals in factory sealed containers with broken seals, labware that has been used with or exposed to chemicals, solvents, acids, has been heated, centrifuged, autoclaved, washed, etc. Return authorization is at the discretion of the manager. Please bring your sales receipt showing the purchase of the item being returned.

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