If you are an invited seminar or colloquium speaker, we pay for your travel expenses, if you are employed by an academic institution.  Coach airfare, incidentals, and any other travel mechanisms necessary to reach us are reimbursed.  Before describing your options for reaching Columbia, please note that you need to turn in a W9 Form in order for any reimbursement request to be processed.

Getting to Columbia, Missouri:

  • Currently, you can fly directly to Columbia from Dallas or Chicago.  For details on times of flights, please see the website of the Columbia Regional Airport:

  • For those who desire a larger airport, you have two choices, flying into either Kansas City or Saint Louis.  The Saint Louis airport is slightly closer to Columbia than the airport in Kansas City.  Renting a car and driving here takes about two hours or less.

  • Another option from the St. Louis airport is to take a shuttle called MoX.  Please see their website for their current schedules to and from the St. Louis airport:

If you have questions about any of this, please contact your host.

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