Bernadette Broderick
Assistant Professor
117 Chemistry


B.S. Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN, 2008

Ph.D. Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 2014

Professional Experience: 

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Georgia, 2014-2015

Research Scientist, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2016 - 2017

Assistant Research Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2018-2019

Assistant Professor, University of Missouri, Columbia, 2020 - Present


Research in the Broderick lab focuses on broadband rotational spectroscopic probes of chemistry taking place in astrochemical ices.  We are currently developing a new instrument which will be applied to understand molecular complexity in the interstellar medium.  Specific aims include experiments focused on gaining insight into the nature of the enantiomeric excess observed on earth, as well as the use of rotational spectroscopy to probe exotic molecules synthesized in ices that are not easily generated in the gas phase.  We welcome students with an interest in physical chemistry, astrochemistry, and chemical physics to join us.

Select Publications

1. Gurusinghe, Ranil M., Dias, N., and Broderick, B. M. (2020) "Buffer Gas Cooling for Sensitive Rotational Spectroscopy of Ice Chemistry: A Proposal." Chemical Physics Letters: 138125.

2. Dias, N., Joalland, B., Ariyasingha, N. M., Suits, A. G., & Broderick, B. M. (2018). Direct versus Indirect Photodissociation of Isoxazole from Product Branching: A Chirped-Pulse Fourier Transform mm-Wave Spectroscopy/Pulsed Uniform Flow Investigation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A122(38), 7523-7531.

3. Broderick, B. M., Suas-David, N., Dias, N., & Suits, A. G. (2018). Isomer-specific detection in the UV photodissociation of the propargyl radical by chirped-pulse mm-wave spectroscopy in a pulsed quasi-uniform flow. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics20(8), 5517-5529.

Research Area