Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities
The descriptions of undergraduate research projects given here have been supplied by Department of Chemistry faculty who are interested in having undergraduates work in their research groups. The list is not meant to be complete; other faculty certainly may welcome undergraduate research participants as well. Students interested in working on one of these projects or on similar projects should contact the appropriate faculty member directly. Once a research mentor has been selected, a student should contact Prof. Walensky ( about enrolling in the appropriate research course (Chem 2950, 4950, or 4990H/4991H) if he/she wishes to obtain academic credit for the work.

For more information about faculty research interests, go to the Faculty Research Interests page or follow the links for individual faculty noted below.

Stevens' Summer Research Fellowships
Stevens' Summer Research Fellowships Application
The Department of Chemistry at the University of Missouri sponsors a summer research program for outstanding undergraduate students not currently attending MU. Applications will be accepted from those presently in their junior year of undergraduate study in chemistry and who are considering graduate studies. Exceptionally talented sophomores will also be considered.