Chemistry Graduate Student Organization
The Chemistry Graduate Student Organization (CGSO) is a representative body that strives to promote the quality of life for chemistry graduate students. Any graduate student in the Chemistry Department is eligible to join. Subdisciplines in the Chemistry Deparmtent include: analytical, bio-analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, and radiochemistry. The advisor is Professor Walensky.

Undergraduate Student Organizations
While chemistry students participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities, Alpha Chi Sigma is expressly for individuals interested in chemistry. Membership in the organization is by no means limited to chemistry majors, however.

Alpha Chi Sigma
Founded in 1902, Alpha Chi Sigma is a professional fraternity in chemistry. The MU chapter, Delta, is one of the oldest chapters in the fraternity. The national constitution states that a candidate for membership "shall be a student of chemistry who intends to make chemistry their life work ...". This provision has been interpreted to mean that a student must be in a degree program in which he or she will take a minimum of 18 hours of chemistry in order to be eligible. Most members major in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, or biology, but other students whose individual programs will include the required chemistry hours are welcomed to membership. Alpha Chi Sigma is the organization that is the principal organizer of the year-end senior recognition banquet and is responsible for the awarding of prizes to outstanding general chemistry students. An informational meeting is held at the beginning of each semester to acquaint prospective members with the fraternity, its programs, and the pledging process. Interested students are invited to attend one of these meetings for more information. Professor Steven Keller is the Delta Chapter advisor.